Why the eu should or not to

Refugees are forced to travel into the EU as "illegal" immigrants, using dangerous and even fatal routes. Yet this argument could already be amply used at present, given that countries as diverse as Estonia and Malta or Portugal and Finland should have few priorities in common — and yet co-operate effectively within the CFSP framework.

Should they have joined the USSR? Or, what if 5 million Turks decide to settle down in Paris for example. For Switzerland to join the EU would betray everything their ancestors fought and died for.

So will you be able to go to your voters and say, "We should join the EU, but you might have to help Greeks and Spaniards"?

Stay where you are Switzerland. But if Turkey were eventually admitted to the EU, its membership would beyond any doubt be epochal and would have a considerable impact on the way the EU works, especially on its finances, but also potentially on the political future of the continent.

There were a number of major reform packages at the beginning of the millennium, including a ban on the death penalty, steps on reducing the influence of the military, the fight against torture, improving the rights of the Kurdish minority etc.

There are numerous issues raised by Turkish EU membership, many of which are highly emotional and thus controversial, contributing to intense exchanges about the confines and values of Europe that have to be seen in the context of the history of the continent.

Alex Stanway, England Absolutely. As many Leave campaigners never tire of pointing out, plenty of commissioners are chosen to serve only after they have been defeated in their own national elections. The freedom of movement that has long applied to EU citizens should then also be extended to recognized refugees.

His arrest had nothing to do with the EU. Oh, and by the way, Turkey IS European in every way, including geographically.

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Jeremic met Metro for an exclusive interview. Instead of paralysing the Union, Turkish membership could actually serve as a catalyst for a discussion on where a Europe of 30 members should be heading. People have been perishing as they sought to flee to Europe for years now.

They would have to be crazy to give up their present status to join the undemocratic, bureacratic, unaccountable juggernaut based in Brussels.

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They would become donors rather than receivers, and they would lose their independence. Why should everybody else get to join the EU, and not Serbia?

It's an individual decision.Not as an investor, not as an entrepreneur and certainly not as a father and grandfather concerned about the world we leave to the next generation.

In the video above, I outline why I believe the UK should Remain in the EU.

The EU should not retaliate against Trump’s protectionism

Better off on the relay team: 10 reasons why the EU is good for Britain. If Labour wants to fend off attacks from UKIP and the Conservatives at the next election, it has to make the case for Europe: both in the media, and on the doorsteps.

An examination of why the data from PISA can be as wrong as the data was predicting the Brexit vote in Britain and the U.S. presidential election. ENOUGH IS (STILL NOT) ENOUGH: WHY GREECE SHOULD NOT LEAVE THE EUROZONE BY CAROLIN LEHMANN International Relations I 3 December, words Lehmann 1 Interwoven within a complex interplay of world economies and world policies, the global recession spread to Europe harming particularly the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland.

"On the other hand, Europe should not count on concessions from Russia. Moscow has a strong position and weighty arguments, while disputes in the WTO.

Theresa May: Trump told me to sue the EU

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Why the eu should or not to
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