Vmobile loadxtreme business presentation

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Vmobile Philippines

It is now one of our basic needs today. Kahit saan mo dalhin, sa office, sa school, sa bahay, sa tindahan, siguradong may bibili sa iyo at 6. Due to the constant and massive growth of the telecommunications sector in Asia-Pacific region, we also aim to develop other applications that primarily target subscribers of telecoms companies.

How come I was not made aware of this dormancy policy before? You got another Php as DSI. PIK is used for your account security. This is a sample page of the online account you will have as a dealer.

Also, the 20 Technouser cards can be sold at pesos each thus generating an income of pesos. Just change your PIK immediately.

They just can't send a message to all their distributors and retailers that who were left in the dark. A day or two in a nice hotel room could cost you around P4, Same amount could cost you buying a nice pair of shoes, a necklace, a pet dog, or a violin instrument.

Additionally, you may refer to your myLX or LoadXtreme registration dates in computing for the applicable dormancy period. Can a TechnoUser refer another TechnoUser? The Scenario said that you are only to endorse 2 people. Get your retailer account now for only Php These are the two scanned images of the many legal papers.

It doesn't cost much when you can earn it back anyways in a week or two. Sadly, most VMobile reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills.

The business is not yet saturated. Even with a slow business movement, having only three 3 recruited retailers in a month, you can still earn as big as P44, in 6 months if each of your three retailers sign-up another three retailers and them replicating likewise.


Monitoring of your account is solely your responsibility. They owe a lot of explanation for this. Almost everybody is using and loading their mobile phones.

Maximum allowable digits for the PIK are six 6. Now here is the best part: And you save it to your ATM Account. Most of them use 3 cheap mobile phones, each one with a different brand of loading SIM card and e-wallet.

Lalapit ang tao sayo! To whom can I coordinate regarding my dormant account? To visit, click HERE. Accessibility - You can use other cellphone or sim to access your LoadXtreme Account.

If each of the 20 retailers has P1, worth of load consumed by 33 customers in 2 days, each buying P So join in the business now and expand nationwide. Notice your Total Earnings at the 5th Column.

You can do business anywhere worldwide. We have our own Data Center — this means that we are capable of making transactions faster and more efficient. VISION We want to lead in developing solutions and applications for Corporate, Direct Sales and Non-traditional marketing thru innovative and convergent use of internet, information and vmobile loadxtreme business presentation technologies.

And VMobile make it more convenient to the consumers to access all prepaid load products whenever they want it and with a non-expiry eload wallet.

Family Budget Friendly- Share your Account and PIK to your love ones so they can also use it thru their cellphone anytime and anywhere. Napakadaling negosyo na mabilis na magpapaangat sa atin.

In addition, PentaCapital received its license to engage in trust, fiduciary and investment management services last August 30, Stop thinking about what you will get out of this opportunity and start thinking about what you can do to help others achieve in Loadxtreame.

Sobrang in demand ang load, mas nauuna pa nga minsan maubos ang load kaysa isang kilo ng bigas; 3. VMobile spends a lot of resources in maintaining a member's account during the period of active membership.Click the "Activate Business Center" button to go the next step. Step 5: Activate your account After the registration, you need to activate your account by providing Sales Sponsor ID and the Sales Placement ID.

The Sponsor ID is the ID Number of the person who invited you to VMobile and the Placement ID is the ID Number of your direct upline.

VMobile Technologies Inc. (VMobile) was established in April as the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Companies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing, especially for BOT/BLT projects, real estate, leisure and infrastructure projects.

LoadXtreme ® was acquired and operated by VMobile Technologies Incorporated since April VMobile is the e-commerce arm of PENTA Capital Management Corporation. Under Penta Capital's guidance, VMobile is poised to fulfill its vision: to provide business opportunity to people by employing technology as the means of empowerment.

LoadXtreme Resurrects and Now Owned by Vmobile Technologies A friend of mine who took a dive and invested his hard-earned money last year to a networking firm LoadXtreme that primarily sells cellphone loads, Internet cards and other stuff using a single retailer SIM card.

Is the VMobile M-Power SIM included already with our purchase of Gold or Silver myEnterprise package? No. You must separately purchase the SIM via (1) direct purchase from head office cashier, or (2) via LoadXtreme Shopping Cart. Would the VMobile M-Power SIM be available from Independent Business Centers (IBC)?

No. Jan 15,  · vmobile is a self-run e-commerce business Using Loadextreme platform, we distribute our prepaid load products via online loading platform (LoadXtreme – All Access. All For You) or using the technology of short messaging service (sms).

Vmobile loadxtreme business presentation
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