Understand school ethos mission aims and values

To learn through inspirational curriculum 3. The school complies with equality legislation. For a copy of the Lower School Curriculum Policy click here.

Vision, Ethos and Aims

These values are addressed through specific lessons, assemblies and acts of worship, but we also embed these ideals throughout the whole curriculum. Through creating a stimulating learning experience, our children will become confident, independent and resilient with a social conscience for their journey through life.

Its main elements are: For a copy of the Behaviour Policy click here. Risk assessment is an essential part of health and safety management. The Trust will pursue ofopportunities for income generation.

KAS will only take this action after the Head has consulted fully and given the parents suitable opportunities to put their case. To establish an atmosphere in which every child has a positive self-image and where individual achievements are valued by all.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan

Find out more Our youngest children aged years are encouraged to play, explore and learn, under the watchful and inspiring care of specialist staff. Awards will normally be offered until the student leaves the school, but are subject to annual repeat means testing. Bullying, in any form, is unacceptable.

Mission, Vision, Values & Ethos

To build strong collaborative partnerships with families and the local community. Anti-Bullying Policy The King Alfred School promotes values of respect and equality, striving to enable students to become responsible citizens.

The core concept of the behavioural policy is that everyone should feel safe and valued in the community. The Registrar will be happy to answer any queries and to give prospective parents and initial tour of the school.

The Health and Safety Committee, chaired by the Bursar and comprising members of staff and Council, co-ordinates health and safety issues and monitors policy implementation, procedures and safety performance. Should it not be possible to resolve a problem satisfactorily in this way, parents are asked to discuss the issue first with school management.

Gisburn Primary School

Admissions Policy The admissions policy is designed to achieve a successful fit between the school and its pupils. For a copy of the Health and Safety Policy click here.

Our School Aims and Values

We feel strongly that a child who has been well-educated can demonstrate a range of skills, qualities, attitudes and abilities which enables them to function successfully within a variety of communities and as part of an ever changing world.

King Alfred School is committed to supporting every pupil to develop into a confident and independent person. This way the message would be accessible from everywhere at any time. For a copy of the EAL Policy click here.

We encourage the whole school community to take greater responsibility for their own behaviour, actions and learning. The school informs students about cyber-bullying and takes steps to prevent it and to respond to any incidents that might occur. We want to build a culture of respect for each other, for our environment and for ourselves.

To continue to improve the school environment 6. Bursaries Policy The King Alfred School offers means tested financial support in order to make the benefit of its education more accessible to all children. We are a caring and happy school that encourages everyone, both children and staff, to give their best.

It is committed to equality of opportunity for all current and prospective members of the KAS community and values the contribution of each one. To instil respect for religious and moral values, and tolerance for other races, religions and ways of life and to help pupils to understand the world in which they live, and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.

Leadership We will provide an environment in which everyone is encouraged and supported to develop leadership andmanagement competencies.

Welcome to St Michael's Primary School

To recognise and plan for all learning styles and interests, whilst ensuring all children have equal access to the curriculum enabling them to reach their full potential. For a full copy of the Admissions Policy click here.School Aims & Values Avondale Values & Ethos At Avondale our ‘School Values’ link closely to our British Values and are promoted within our curriculum, our classrooms, our ethos and the general interaction between all of the Avondale family.

Oct 06,  · I'm studying CACHE level 3 teaching assitant award and i'm currently stuck on TDA in which ive got to understand the school ethos, mission, aims and values and how they can be reflected in working practise and ive got to evaluate the methods of communicating urgenzaspurghi.com: Resolved.

St. Michael's C of E Primary School won 'School of the Year' in the Pride of Bracknell Forest Awards. The School of the Year award looks for schools that have performed exceptionally well in providing an effective and engaging learning environment for their children.

Our Mission Statement. Moorside Primary School is at the heart of the community and the start of your child’s learning journey. Our school is a vibrant, welcoming and safe place to learn driven by high expectations.

• Provide a safe, happy learning environment for all our pupils. • Provide a supportive and creative learning environment for all our pupils, and in so doing uphold the tradition of our foundation and enhance the Christian ethos of our school. From Nursery right through to Sixth Form, the Truro School Community shares the same values and approach to education.

Understand school ethos mission aims and values
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