Frozen foods business plan in nigeria nigerian

Some people like after sales delivery, and if your business can offer thatit is an edge over your competitors. For example, in the circumstance that you need to begin with fish and chicken, what species of fish do individuals around there consume more?

This is the time where you need a thorough study about the business. Some make a great deal more than that while some make less.

Frozen Chicken, ready for sale When your seafood and chicken is frozen like the ones above, they stay fresh and healthy until you sell to consumers. Recollect that you are managing perishable goods, thus as you need to begin your business, consider getting a generator set for power supply, else you will keep running at a loss, as a portion of the foods may spoil when there is no ice to protect and keep them frozen.

Get your own frozen food business plan! Rent a shop for your business, this can simultaneously double as your office. Purchase three to four freezers to store your excess inventory. If you understand that you will live in this area in the survival mode and it will not change in the next few years, then why don't you consider other options?

That is why the business is very profitable. Make sure you are certified by NAFDAC, this will make your customers feel safe in purchasing your goods, with the increase of unhealthy products this is an important factor and should not be over looked.

Join the relevant association A lot of people in Nigeria conduct frozen foods business. Next you sell to final consumers at a higher margin till your stock of frozen food is finished. Reason being that fish gives an awful smell and not everybody eats it.

It means refrigerators and other cooling systems. An air conditioner is optional, but you should go for it instead if you can afford it. Do not forget to analyze your competitors and prove that your food would be competitive on the market.

You can also start your own farm and stock. Almost all food in Nigeria is currently imported for billions of Dollars. Raise Your B usiness Capital This is extremely fundamental, particularly in the event that you need a small-scale business.

Power Generation The biggest challenge in Nigeria is electrical power.

Tips on How To Start a Frozen Food Business in Nigeria

Operation process The frozen food business process is a very simple one. Store this frozen food in your own store, in deep freezers as well so it remains frozen.Find list of best Frozen Food Dealers in Nigeria with their name, address, contact phone number and other information on VConnect.

Search more about Frozen Food Dealers at. Introduction to frozen foods business in Nigeria. Frozen food business isn’t a new name in Nigeria, matter of fact it is a household business name.

Frozen food business in Nigeria

Despite the fact this business has been around for a while, it is disappointing to note that many Nigerians have failed to see the amazing potentials in this business. The Nigerian economy has gone through different phases from the military era to the present civilian administration.

Cold Room Business In Ogba Lagos State Nigeria Marketing Essay. Print will no doubt be a big relief to prospective buyers who hitherto have to cover long distances before they could buy frozen foods. It will make the. Sunday 05th AugustHome; About Us. National Anthem; Fanpage; Contact Us; History.

Colonial era; Early History of Nigeria. Published. DEC Market Entry - -Frozen food Industry in Nigeria: Analysis of Growth, Trends and Progress ( - ) Download Free Sample Report NOW. Write a frozen food business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The plan should focus on customer preferences.

Study your competitor’s prices and products. The plan should cover equipment, funding, fixed and working capital.

Frozen foods business plan in nigeria nigerian
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