A critical evaluation of british airways

The airline has seen great growth where customers can do the booking through the online platform. Portfolio analysis helps the company decide which of these goods and solutions should be highlighted and which needs to be phased out, based on objective criteria.

These two reaches a very high number of consumers and create awareness on the availability of a given product or service in the British Airways Sweeney, Finally, the changes in the environmental policies on pollution and energy conservation is another challenge that increases the cost of operation British Airways, In cases involving corporate purchases or downsizing, such variations can help safeguard resources to go through though economic perods.

Environment is too competitive. From onwards, world growth had been projected for just 2 percent annually.

The focus strategies can be divided into two areas where one would be for cost focus and another for differentiation focus. The increased cases of terrorism has led to poor performance of the airline industry of which the British Airline is among.

Nowadays, the British Airways has successfully been labelled as one of the pioneering airlines in green technology adaptation and environmental friendly strategic decisions. Political The air control measures security concern has been the main political A critical evaluation of british airways that influences the airline industry since the September 11 attack.

This trend has not changed much for the past 5 years. Product Development Strategy that requires pushing new products into existing markets. In addition, there has been weaknesses in the pound against the Euro. Next would be to identify ways that would help in achieving the required goals.

Next would be to identify ways that would help in achieving the required goals. British Airways has flights to more than destinations along with codeshare and franchise partners- carrying close to 33 million passengers.

Newer legislations and environmental issues concerning land acquisition will only increase operational costs. This is done through prestige pricing which is available only on certain profitable destinations. British Airways Current Strategies The British Airways has embarked on strategic formulation that is expected to earn the airline a competitive advantage in the market today Michel,p.

In most situations, the effectiveness of the unrequired diversification will not be able to bring drastic improvements unless the decision makers are able to accurately foresee the results of changes. For the right strategic options to be identified, a TOWS matrix will be suitable for the formulation process.

During a time of cuts and limited resources, the company should display out applications and solutions that are not important to most associates.

The British Airways was already the first airline to be a part of the scheme of European countries reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The fluctuation in the oil prices has also affected the airline industry. This will help British Airways buy some time to repair the said weaknesses.

Poor employee relations history can be countered through and improved people process that will look into treating individual employees in a more personal level. Introduction of internet access on flights along with improved integration of mobile computing peripherals such as tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops would be a value increasing service offering.

The removal of these barriers has led to evolution of small competitive airlines that are posing threat by increasing competition in the airline sector. At the same time, the global economic meltdown has also lead to critical levels of unemployment that has never been seen in the United Kingdom for decades.

With high unemployment rate, the competition in the market is high due to reduced number of customers. It is no more a novelty boasted by British Airways alone.

BA chooses its media channel strategy by advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, transit advertising and occasionally radio. At the same time, improving environmental stance by actually going beyond minimal requirements in environmental conservation to actually increase the measures will also drive market share.

The first strategy will use British Airways internal strengths and applying it with their external opportunities and threats. Next would be the strategic formulation in which high level strategy is developed and a basic organisation level strategic plan is documented.

They should make out the possible utilization of strengths, minimize the organizational weaknesses and make use of arising opportunities from the business environment and market while not ignoring the concurring threats. To deliver these objectives five main streams have been developed to build the business plan i.British airways has some important resources and capabilities such as: a fleet of about airplanes and more than routes; It has an international customer database; It has financial resources, according to datamonitor report, the company has increased its revenues since and in the company had 10% of operating profit margin.

British Airways is an excellent test case for the effectiveness of brand advertising online.

British Airways HR Management

While the company did use standard animated banners and buttons, they thought to make them special in a. British Airways has been in operation since s.

During the start of the World War II, British Airways and Imperial Airlines merged together and started a new subsidiary company British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).

The aim was to provide the long distance international services and to cover the short distance services in Europe. British Airways business plan is build around the world a Global Premium airline for long haul flight, and to achieve its objectives British Airways has a structure in five factors: Colleagues, Customer, Performance, Excellence and Partnership.

British Airways has been in operation since s. During the start of the World War II, British Airways and Imperial Airlines merged together and started a new subsidiary company British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).

Now that we have a better view on the company’s characteristics, we can develop the two folds of the question, critical evaluation of British Airways HR management and analysis of the fit between the organisation’s human resources and corporate strategies.

A critical evaluation of british airways
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